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21st Century School Library

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What is the purpose of a library?

  • to instill the love of books - how do we do this?
  • to instill the love of knowledge/enrich course content
  • to provide a place for all people to gain useful knowledge about the world
  • How to navigate a college library - how do we teach them this without a traditional library?
  • Search skills
  • Books in library or books on reserve
  • How to determine valid and credible sources
  • to provide access to the appropriate content


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What is the purpose of research?


What are our goals - concerns?


  • How do we keep kids on track and focused.
  • Teach staff and students how to more efficiently access good digital media.
  • Teach students how to assess validity and credibility of digital resources
  • What should we pay for, what can we get for free?  What will be the best investment of our $$?
  • Do we need anything beyond VOL?  



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Why a library that focuses on digital media would be better for GMVS...




HeliumShould students be required to use real books in research papers?








Some Useful Resources:

Wikipage on Digital Library

Digital Library Magazine

A Bookless Library - Cushing Academy (at CNN)


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