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Youtube and Beyond

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 Tips for Using Web-Based Video


How to Locate Videos

  1. Start with Google Videos NOT Youtube
    • Google includes youtube, youtube does not include google.
  2. Don't forget the educational sites... (TeacherTube, Schooltube, United Streaming (pay site), etc)
  3. Documentary Film Sites www.youtube.com/user/DocChannel to search for documentaries.  Or try browsing Hulu.com or joost.com.   Also try freedocumentaries.org/, freedocumentaries.net/, www.snagfilms.com/topdocumentaryfilms.com/, www.documentarytube.com/category/historical-documentaries/
  4. Paid Sites (United Streaming (Discovery), Netflix, itunes, Amazon)
  5. Torrent Sites (Be sure to follow copyright laws) (Vuze - the granddaddy)


How to Download Videos

Understanding digital file formats - or - 'You wouldn't stick a DVD into a VCR'

  • Some Google Videos offer a quick download feature 

Open Firefox, Click <Tools>,

Click <Add-Ons> then click <Get Add-Ons>

In the search box, type 'downloadhelper' (all one word), then hit <Enter>

You're looking for the Video Downloadhelper Add-on.  It should be the first result. 

Click <Add to Firefox...>


After it downloads click <Install Now>

Click <Restart Firefox>  Firefox will close down and then re-open to the same pages you were just on.

To use Video Downloadhelper, simply click on the small arrow to the left of the Tri-Ball Icon.

Click on the file format you want and choose where to save the video and VOILA!  The download will begin.


How to Convert Videos


How to Edit Videos


How to Upload or Embed Videos

How are GMVS teachers using web-based video?

  • Recorded video tutorials
  • Required viewing to supplement class content outside the classroom
  • Direct instruction in the classroom
  • Use of instructional videos to cover basic concepts
  • Show physics experiements beyond our scope
  • Show places beyond our reach (virtual fieldtrips)

 How might GMVS teachers WANT to use web-based video?


  • Make our own tutorials
  • Have students make tutorials
  • Video student discussion (students abroad)
  • Skits in foreign language
  • Watch videos to practice translation
  • captioning videos


What questions do you have about locating, downloading, embedding or using web-based videos?

  • Youtbe not available in Europe - solution - upload to edu20.org.
  • catalog uploaded videos (streaming access)


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