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Grading Procedures

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A) Instead of traditional paper-based report cards, we will be opening up edu20 to parents for one week at the end of the 1st semester.  However, paper report cards will be printed and archived for administrative purposes and will be available to parents upon request.

B) We ask that you configure your gradebook in the following way:

  • Under 'Assessment' click on 'Assignments'
  • Click on 'Configure'
  • Scroll down to 'Grading Periods' and do the following: 
  1. Click 'Edit' on the first grading period in your list  (this will say 'Default' if you haven't already made changes)
  2. Name this 'Grading Period 1', give it a start date of August 31, 2009, and weigh it 40%, then click 'Save'
  3. If you give a midterm or final exam at the end of grading period 1, click 'Add grading period', name it 'Grading Period 1 Exam', give it a start date of Dec. 19, 2009, weigh it according to your specifications (generally 10%), and then click 'Save' [Yes, we are asking you to add grading periods for any exams you give - this is a change from earlier instructions, sorry]
  4. Click 'Add grading period' again, name it 'Grading Period 2', give it a start date of January 4, 2010, weigh it according to your specifications, and click 'save'.
  5. Continue adding grading periods according to your class's needs.  Please, add only those grading periods your class actually meets and only those exams you actually give.  The start dates should be as follows: Grading Period 2 Exam Feb. 12 2010, Grading Period 3 Feb. 13 2010, Grading Period 3 Exam April 03 2010, Grading Period 4 April 4 2010, Grading Period 4 Exam June 11 2010.  
  6. Please be sure to weigh all grading periods appropriately.  The total of all grading periods should equal 100%
  7. Please create and weigh ALL grading periods.  Doing this ahead of time will NOT skew your students' final grades in anyway.  The program only counts grading periods that have already passed in calculating the final grade.

NOTE: A screenshot of an example gradebook set-up is attached to this email.  Yours will look a bit different depending on the unique needs of your class.


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