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Cool Tools for Students

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Top Ten Technologies every college student should know how to use:

1) Facebook

2) Google Apps

3) Delicious Social Bookmarking

4) Prezi

5) Skype

6) Jing

7) Slideshare

8) Wikis (try pbworks.com)

9) Flickr (or photobucket, or picasa, or shutterfly)

10) Google Videos



2008 2007
1. Blogs using wordpress and globalteacher/student 1. Delicious social bookmarking
2. Skype for videoconferencing/chat 2. Bubblus a mind mapping tool
3. twitter - to extend my personal learning network 3. blogs using wordpress  
4, Voicethread - fantastic educational potential 4. Wikis using wikispaces
5. slideshare - uploading ppt presentations 5. Google docs  sheet, word
6. Igoogle (customizable homepage with google reader, calendar, notes, todo, gchat (, gmail) 6. Skype videoconferencing
7. Google docs (sheet, word, form etc) 7. Voki  talking avatars
8. Delicious (social bookmarking) 8. Podomatic  online storage for podcasts
9. Gchat (google chat, now with video) 9. Teachertube
10. flickr (online photo storage) 10.Surveymonkey for online surveys
12, wikis  
14. Elluminate live - online meeting room/virtual classroom  
15. wordle - word clouds  
16. nings - social networking  
17. Coveritlive for live blogging  
18. Audacity for podcasting  
19. Toondo - cartoon making  
20.DiscoverE – virtual classroom software  


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